Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kevin and Frankie.

Kevin, Frankie and I went to the Belmopan Christmas tree lighting ceremony.  We "people watched" and had a great time. There were beautiful performances. Singing, dancing, poetry and speeches. We walked around a lot talking and laughing. We made life long memories that I will look back on and smile. These two kids made it into my heart and my life forever. I truly do love them. They are so special. Kevin is such a good boy and he will grow to do great things. His mother raised him well. He is kind and gentle. He has a huge heart and is smart. Frankie can do anything. I tell, or show him something and he can do it. He is a very funny kid and a natural athlete. He opened up to me about some struggles in his life. I would do anything for them both. So this blog is for the boys who made Belize amazing and beautiful to me. Everywhere I go in Belmopan these two are with me. Everyone knows us. I am going to miss them so much it hurts to think about it.

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