Thursday, December 4, 2014

Testing time at the school.

The semester is coming to an end here at OLOG High School. The students are testing and finishing up their missed assignments. I have enjoyed my time with he students and the staff. There is not much teaching going on, just review. There are some positive changes being made at the school and I see great things for these students and even better things for future students. They are putting up a structure over the basketball court so the students have shelter from the rain when doing activities. 
Before the tests begin, the school lets the students have a day to play sports and have music and dance. It was a very fun day. The dance and music was the best part. I will say it a million times over; The stuff these kids can do still amazes me. They were able to get speakers rented for the day and two kids brought in their computers full of music. I can't even explain the things that they could do wih the computers and the music.  The mash ups!!! I have never seen anything like it. While that was going on a couple of boys were on the mic beat boxing and rapping.....awesome. They tried to teach me how to dance like a Belizeian woman. It was fun. I have to say that I suprised them. There isn't a day that goes by that I am not impressed by them. I hope I can keep up with them and see what they have next in those lives. And, wow I learned soccer. 
As their semester winds down so does my time here. I am a little sad when I think about it. I want to come back someday. 
And last but not least, my Kevin calls me his best friend. He is 12 but is smart beyond his years and is already in high school. I may not have mentioned that before. One of his assignments was on descriptive writing. I had no idea until his mom showed me, but Kevin wrote about me. I took a picture of it. Of course, I cried. 

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  1. Lmbo....the running part in his essay cracked me up! He is really going to miss you!