Monday, December 8, 2014

Nearing the end

I have done many fun things, and I have met numerous wonderful people. Besides hanging with Kevin and Frankie, my favorite things to do here is to ride the bus and ride the boat. I absolutely love sitting in the back of the boat, listening to music, feeling the warm wind, basking in the sunshine, while watching the breathtaking emerald waters of the Caribbean sea. I could do it over and over. The colors are so vivid and amazing I can't describe it. I feel so peaceful there rocking my converse shoes and taking in as much sun as I can. I love the Caye Caulker Island and the people that live there. I wish I could live and work there. There is such a need for good teachers.  The buses are the most used mode of transportation here in Belize. You always sit with a stranger and you are friends by the time you reach your destination. This weekend I met a 60 years old man that has 8 children. He is a masonry by trade. His name is Louis Flata. He spoke of his love for his wife and children. I explained to him why I was in Belize. He said he trusts everyday to the Lord. He was excited to learn about the fact that I am a teacher. He confided in me that he had never learned to read. He wished that we would have met earlier so that I could have taught him to read. He talked often of God and life. His faith in his family and God runs deep. I think that he must be driven totally by faith because he has never read a word of the bible.  When we reached Belmopan he introduced me to his wife and his youngest daughter. I will never forget the conversation with this man. I really wish I could have helped him. It's people like this gentleman that have a huge impact on me and make me want to change the world even if it's one person at a time. 

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  1. Breath taking pix...wonderful interesting are a super hero...king kong ain't got bleep on you!