Monday, December 1, 2014

Past few days

IWell I apologize for my absence on here the past few days. My phone will not charge and so I am down to my iPod as the only technology available to me most of the time. I also took time for myself. No pressure was my motto. This weekend I did a lot of traveling. I went exploring by myself, and I enjoyed it. I met a several people and I just sat and had conversations with them. You learn a lot that way. They always asked many questions of me. I certainly didn't mind answering them. I finally got to visit San Pedro. It is beautiful and very busy. The beaches were great. There were a lot of tourists. I like Caye Caulker better. But it was nice to see something else. I explored the schools on the island and learned a great deal. I also met with Dr. August from Galen university and I learned about children's rights and the issues that are happening in the schools in Belize. I was shocked to learn some schools require $1.00 of them to use yet bathroom. So, think about this list of things students and parents pay for so they can go to school: books, uniforms, lunch, bathroom, snacks, school bus ride to school, school bus ride from school, and tuition for school. That's what a family has to pay for a child to attend a here school. I don't know how they make it.  I have a little over a week left here and I have learned so much. Life changing is the best words for it; that sounds like a cliché. But that is the truth. Trust, I have learned a great deal about trust. People are different everywhere. That is just a fact. It takes all kinds to make the world go around. I have said before, my host family is the best thing about Belize. The boys are amazing and will always be a part of my life. Daniela has become a close confidant. Me, I have learned a great deal about me. Things that need to change and things that I am so proud of. My country, I know it is truly a great place to live despite all the negative things that are happening right now, America is beautiful and awesome. Everyone should have to do something like this so they can  appreciate what they have and what America is. We are fortunate and we don't even know it. We need to stop, think and pray for the right things. For me,  I will be praying not for love but how to love. There is a huge difference. I believe that by doing that, all the relationships in my life will change for the better or just get better. I am grateful for the traveling I did and for the time spent with strangers that have added to my life in ways they will never know. The following pictures are of a few people along the way. PS I sat on the deck a s very fancy hotel in San Pedro and had a conversation with an old man from Wyoming. He bought me a funky monkey milk shake. It was amazing. We talked American politics. Nice. 


  1. So happy for you!!!! I knew you would have to's who we are!!! Stay you!!!