Friday, November 14, 2014

First time in Belize City

Belize is a beautiful place. But, just like any other place there are the realities of poverty and violence. Almost every home has three things: bars on windows and doors, multiple dogs tied out side and at least 4 locks on the front doors. 
This morning I woke up and got dressed to get ready to go to Belize City. I put on a blue shirt, blue sandals, blue jewelry and black shorts. When I came out of my room they told me to go change; Belize City has "bloods and crypts" gangs and there is a murder everyday. So, I put on green and black. When we got here there is one extreme to the next. A really luxurious hotel and a dilapidated home a mile down the road. 
I am grateful for the guidance of the university. I am now sitting in a coffee shop drinking coffee with cinnamon in it. YUM!!! I will explore the city and stay in the safe zone. I miss my children so very much. I still turn my head every time someone says mom. I show their pictures to everyone, and I get the same reactions. "They are beautiful."  And I always say "I KNOW!!!" I am counting the days when I can kiss your faces. 

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