Monday, November 17, 2014

Dedicated to my family and friends.

My first day of class was overwhelming. I figured out that the school bus comes about a half a mile from my home, and I was able to get to know many of the students by riding the bus. When I got to school, I taught a lesson on past participles.
I learned so much about the schools. I asked a great deal of questions. These teachers and students do what they can with what they have. 

Anyone that knows me knows that my heart belongs to children. My own babies are my motivation, because I would want them to have someone that burns with the desire to teach and educate like I do.  It makes me extremely happy to see students learn something. These students have minimal materials. The class rooms have only one white board.  The teachers have laptops. But there is no resources to use them in a classroom.  The teachers do not have a place to call their own in a class. They all have a desk in the staff area, and this is because the teachers switch classes, not the students. I do have my own desk in there, which is cool.  They have to take everything with them room to room. And, keep in mind at the school that I am stationed,  the classrooms are in dilapidated buildings, a shack or just a hut type structure. Then the students either walk to school or pay $1.50 to ride the school bus to school and $1.50 to ride home from school. Many cannot afford that; so, they walk. Then many of them have something wrong. For example, this kid had a oozing bump on his head. I asked him what happend. he replied "a worm Miss. From a horse Miss." I looked closer and I could see it moving under the skin. "I am going to the bush doctor Miss. He will get it out Miss." I just don't even know what to say to that. A few teachers are amazing and I am impressed with how they work with what they have. 
The students stand when ever the teacher comes in the room and they say "good afternoon Mrs. J welcome to class." I recorded it. The students are so beautiful and they are happy and much like students in he U.S.  
 This was only my first day, and it was quite the experience. I went from highs to lows. Not all the schools are in this shape, and some are much worse. 
All of the desks are falling apart. The books are old and out of date. 
I want to do something. Every student in every school and in every city are required to pay a tuition to attend. When I get home I will think of something to do to help with supplies. I will think of something. 
But, for now I think about my children in the cold snowy weather. I miss my children and my husband very much. I miss my home and my family. I look at their pictures and I will admit there were a few times I have cried. I know that this is an extremely rare and wonderful oppritunity. This experience will benefit me and my family. I know that I am missing a lot because I am here; at the same time I am also gaining things I have only dreamed of. My heart is huge and I will for ever be grateful to everyone. 
I think about how I got here and how many people made it possible for me. If I tried to thank everyone I would be here all night. And, I have to say hello neighbor boys Cayden and Corbin, miss Shannon misses you too. 
Today, I also have gotten news that suddenly I lost a friend of mine. I am very heartbroken because I am not there with the family. I pray for peace and comfort for them. I ask that you please pray for them as well. 
With that being said, I will dedicate my time here to my family and all of those who aided in me being able to get here. 
I will also do anything that I can to be positive and an example for my country, my family and WKU. 
Thank you to everyone. These are the smiling faces and the lives that I will be touching thanks to all of you. 


  1. Mrs. Wyatt just gave me the information for your blog today, so I am playing catch up. Let me just say, I am SO JEALOUS of everything you are experiencing. Those kids are so blessed to have you in their lives for this short period of time. Soak it up and make the most of it! We miss you here at FSHS!!