Friday, November 21, 2014

I found sponge bob, rainbows, Dolphins, crabs and a swing.

Today school was like a free day. They are getting ready for testing in a week, so they are going to start preparing for the tests. The students played games and sang. There is a glee group and I joined in the singing, so much talent.  That was really cool. Some of them should be famous with their voices. These kids amaze me everyday. 
Later I took a one hour boat trip to the island of Caye Caulker. It's a beautiful place. The waters are clear blue. Just like on tv. Upon arrival, I quickly secured a humble abode, And I went to get some food. It was amazing. Then, I explored the island in my bare feet, because the whole thing is white sand. Only gulf carts here, no cars.  I found sponge bob!!! Then I saw a sting ray that an old man caught while fishing. It was dark and stepped on crabs rushing to the ocean. I finally came to rest at a lonely swing at the end of a dock. I sat there and listened to the peaceful waves, feeling the cool breeze off the ocean. I watched the tide come up. I thought about how weird life is, and everything I overcame to get here. I worked so very hard. The road was so long. I cried a lot and I wanted to give up. It was not easy. The finish line is just three weeks away. I still can't wrap my brain around that. 

 I wished that my family was here. They should be here. We all made sacrifices to get me here. I am humbled by that and what God has let me accomplish. Life is crazy. I would have laughed if someone would have told me I would be here. Some days I feel guilty because my family isn't with me. They worked just as hard as I have to get me here. They went through everything with me. They got tired of hearing about school, tests, and my lists of things to get done. All the late nights and early mornings had brought me to that point, sitting on a swingat the end of a dock. My family, I can't say enough. But, I do know my oldest two girls, Megan and Nakia, would love it here. The beautiful elegant Megan would read her Bible on the beach with SPF 1000 on her skin. I don't know if 1000 exists but Momma would make her wear it. The lively exotic Nakia would mingle with the locals and have a best friend in minutes. The sand and sun are her favorite things. My wonderfully rotten son, Ben, would be like me; tickled and amazed. Probably try to catch a crab to take home. He would want to touch the sting ray and ride in a boat. My ever so tender and beautiful inquisitive  Sally, with her inner beauty, would be wondering how things got here. She would worry about the crabs and the sting ray. She would make us all laugh with some off the wall question. My rock, my love, my Michael,  would want to take a romantic walk, and I would make him take a picture with Sponge Bob. After all, he is the only celebrity on the island. I can hear him now saying "wife really I don't want to take a picture with Sponge Bob." He would do it because I am spoiled. He did it; it's his fault I am spoiled. He knows it. Just ask him. Or, you could just see my closet just for my shoes. I am blessed with all of the love he has for me. I know me being gone is not easy on any of them. I love you all so much. That's what I thought about on my Caye Caulker swing. I stayed there relaxing and thinking until it started to rain. The sound of the ocean when it's raining was indescribable.  It was nice to just sit. I have been going nonstop since I left my home. Tomorrow I am going snorkeling and diving. I hope I don't chicken out. Then, I hope to visit the big island of San Pedro.