Sunday, November 16, 2014

Horses and monkeys

Tomorrow will be my first full day of teaching. I will finally meet all of the students and faculty. I am nervous and excited at the same time. I have met with the dean at Galen University, Dr. August, and we have had several conversations about the school systems of Belize. I have met with a primary teacher and a middle school teacher, and these ladies have prepared me for what I am about to be undertaking. 
But, today was another day of adventure. For those of you that know me, you will know why I call this the best day so far. I went horse back riding in the jungle on a horse named Olly Banana. I saw spider monkeys, peacocks, mcaw and birds I have no clue what they are. There was a jaguar there too. I didn't bother him. After that jungle ride I went swimming at a beautiful resort. The horses roamed freely on 4,000 acres. This was another day I will never forget. 
This whole trip I have been in the company of my host family and their friends Valerie and Alberto August. They are amazing people and so very helpful. They are fun to be around and are able to teach us easily about Belize. I have come to be good friends with Daniela my host. The boys are my constant companions 12 year old Kevin and 6 year old Cayler. The day ended on their front porch in the dark with candles lit and haveing great conversation. The electricity in the whole city was out and no one cared. The world didn't stop. From start to finish this day has been the best day in Belize. The electricity came on a few minutes ago, and now we are going to have conch soup. I Don't know what that is but, who cares; I will eat it. Oh I almost forgot, Daniela makes the best food ever. Her eggs are amazing. I have the secret, but I will never tell. And this morning breakfast was awesome. I took a picture.  I am a happy girl today. 


  1. I see you still can "sit"a horse beautifully!!! I know you were in you glory!! What an amazing trip this must be!!!!

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  3. All this is awesome! The monkey sticking out his tongue so cute!