Friday, November 14, 2014

You better Belize it!!!

November is the month of culture. Every culture is celebrated and all of the schools have presentations and celebrations. Villages and cities have their own festivals to honor different cultures. On Thursday I  visited several primary (elementary) and high schools in Belmopan to watch their performances. What I noticed were the colors. Everything on Belize is colorful. Thursday evening we went to Galen University's main campus and then went on to San Ignacio.  On the way there we went through several small villages. San Ignacio has many stores, shops and road side stands to look at. One of the coolest things I saw was a restaurant with swings. We walked around the city listening to music and enjoying the local foods.
Today we journeyed to Belize City. The scenery was amazing. There are hundreds of vendors that rely on tourism for income. They depend on cruise ships at the port. We visited the cultural house, a couple of century old churches and the museum. The churches were very beautiful with wooden floors and stained glass windows. We ate lunch in a breath taking out door restaurant. I drank fresh lime juice under palm tress and flowers. I can't say enough about the beauty and the slow pace of life here. Everyone greets you. I enjoy speaking to people and learning about them. Every day brings something new and exciting. At the end of the day i come home to Kevin and Cayler. Tonight we played basketball and we went to a coffee shop to eat Cholis (frozen coffee).Tomorrow's  adventure will be the Mayan Temples on the Guatemala border!

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